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MEET ROYRoy Meyer is a master at maximizing and leveraging time, people and resources. He consults and speaks internationally on cutting edge what’s working now marketing, automation, and business development strategies. Roy has a proven track record of building highly lucrative and successful businesses for his clients and he is also a regular contributor to several national publications and online education providers.

Roy believes that marketing combined with the power of outsourcing & virtual assistants is THE greatest money-making and life-changing skill on the planet and everyone needs to learn it. Roy’s greatest satisfaction comes from helping people open the client floodgates and getting their businesses to rise above the competition, well beyond the scope of what they’re doing now so they too, can achieve More Time, More Money and More Freedom in their lives!      Get Roy’s full story here

"Roy is an amazing marketer. I highly recommend you follow what he teaches! He's a real visionary and strategist!"

JoAnne Funch - Linked In for Business

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"Roy is constantly innovating and leading us into areas that are groundbreaking and it's been working for me!"

Adam Wiener - Aladdin Appraisal

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"Roy's training, guidance, and help through this process have been invaluable. Roy has a wealth of knowledge in the virtual assistant arena!"

John Barrett - Implementation Agency

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Virtual Insiders
Cutting Edge Marketing, Outsourcing and Business Growth Training

Get access to new age marketing, virtual assistant and leverage training, mentorship, accountability, peer support, systems, automation techniques and a clear roadmap to 10X your business. The world of marketing is constantly changing so it’s crucial to stay informed as what worked yesterday may fail tomorrow and new strategies you're not aware of may be crucial to your success tomorrow.

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THE Mastermind
Exclusive Coaching to Help Achieve Your Goals Faster and More Effectively

One the greatest factors of success is receiving guidance from trusted advisors who have been there before and are passionate about helping others succeed as well. I can’t think of a successful athlete or entrepreneur who hasn’t leveraged personal mentorship to achieve their goals more quickly. In fact, personal mentorship is what separates the amateurs from the pros, (application only).

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90 Day Business Accelerator
Intensive Accelerator Program to Quickly Jump Start Your Business

Join Roy and a small group of world-class coaches on an intensive 90 Day journey where we cut through the clutter, clear up the confusion, get you unstuck and personally take you by the hand to quickly get your business from A to Z. Your business is guaranteed to look a lot more exciting after these 90 days! This program sells out quickly as it is only offered once or twice a year (limited space – application only).

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Major Media Placement Service
Guaranteed Exposure on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX

You know how it's nearly impossible to get exposure in national publications like NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX so that you can become a trusted authority in your field of expertise? I solve this problem by using a unique press release format to guarantee your placement in all four of these trusted news sites. You can then use that authority and  media trust symbols in all of your marketing and to help you stand out from your competition.

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Free Marketing & Outsource Webinars
Training to Help Grow Your Business & Live Life by Your Design!

Be the first to know when Roy offers one of his highly regarded, content packed FREE training webinars to help you overcome the hurdles holding you back from massive success. The content shared during these FREE training's varies from "what’s working now marketing strategies," outsourcing, working with virtual assistants, automation, and systems training, increasing the value of your time...and more!

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Consulting – Work with Roy
Powerful Comprehensive Strategy Sessions Including a Blueprint for Success

Breakthrough coaching with Roy can take your professional growth to an entirely new level and is ideal for those looking for major breakthroughs in their business. Roy is a master at maximizing-leveraging people, time and resources and he provides clear, concise and measurable plans of action. Roy speaks internationally and has a proven track record of success with clients around the globe.

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Captivated. Engaged. Inspired.

That’s exactly how you’ll feel when you hear Roy speak to you and your group. You’ll never see a yawn or head-dip during one of Roy’s presentations. And the reason for this is simple as the message he delivers is about YOU! Your needs, your wants and your company’s growth.

Roy’s presentations are masterful. He understands his audience because he brings a lifetime of experience to the stage. Been there, done that, still doing it.

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