What exactly is RoyMeyer.com?

Ah, glad you asked. It’s a brand, a new way to do business, and a way to skyrocket your income. Roy Meyer gives you—the passionate real estate professional– the edge you need to succeed in today’s turbulent market.

Why did you create this site?

Great question. Here’s what I witnessed. Everyone was doing the same thing and expecting different results. Agents, brokers, loan officers, investors, and appraisers…all marketing (or not marketing) the same way; setting up systems (or not setting up systems) the same way; everyone running around doing the same things everyone else was doing…and everyone getting the same major results. Which indicated that just about everything folks were doing wasn’t working. Busy, busy, busy and little if anything to show for it.

I was also fed up with the way the amazing men and women in the trenches—YOU, the folks who are the backbone of the industry– were being treated by ‘the establishment.’ Meaning…the banks, regulators, and anybody else who dares to put limits on your earnings and growth potential.

I’m just getting started in real estate.
Can you still help me with my business?

Absopositively. Agent? Mortgage lender? Appraiser? Broker? Investor? HomeInspector? I love you all. In fact, if you’re just starting out, you have the mondo advantage of not being jaded by ‘the system.’ You get all the help and tools you need to lighten your load, bullet-train your growth, and increase your numbers. The focus is to get you NOT DOING stuff you shouldn’t be doing…and focusing on the stuff that generates revenue, makes you whistle with glee, and puts joy and fulfilment back in your life. Capiche?

Where do I begin?

Click around the site. There are tons of resources. Lots of freebies. Become a member. Join our family. Subscribe. Take advantage of our programs. Sign up for one of our services. The question is, “How badly do you want to move beyond where you are now? How hungry are you to come home each day with a smile on your face and excitement in your belly?”

How can I work with you personally?

When I have new coaching programs or my live events open up (they fill up fast!) — My subscribers are the first to know.

Do you want to take it a step further? Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful? Will you do what I ask of you? Are you up for being accountable? If the answer is ‘dang straight’ then we can talk. There’s a catch. I only take on folks who are dead serious about making serious money and creating a serious business. So if you still want to work with me you basically have two options. (1) Click on the “Work With Roy” button and schedule your power hour (2) Click on either the “Mastermind” button OR the “90 Day Accelerator” button and add your name to the wait list as these programs only open up once or twice a year and fill up quickly (application required).