I coach and mentor real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners on the topics of vision, mindset, strategy, productivity, scaling with virtual teams, and creating the ultimum work/life balance.

My mission is to help you scale a lucrative business that will both support and allow you to live your dream life.

I don’t teach theory, I won’t bullshit you, and yes, I actually live what I teach.

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Break the Rules

Find Your Freedom

Live Your Life

A proven system to help scale both your business and
your life that allows you to:

  • Always know exactly what you should be working on to achieve your goals.
  • Stop being the biggest bottleneck in your business by trying to do it all yourself.
  • Work from a 30,000 foot view and focus on your highest priority activities.
  • Start running your business like a true CEO instead of your business running you.
  • Increase income, decrease work hours and drastically increase value of your time.
  • Create better systems to more efficiently run your business and serve your clients.
  • Build a lucrative business that provides you the freedom to live your ideal lifestyle!


We help real estate professionals & entrepreneurs scale lucrative businesses that allow them to live their dream lifestyle vs. a business they have to cram a lifestyle around!

Learn How to Scale Your Business to Support Your Lifestyle

Develop a CEO mindset for massive success…

Delegate and stop being the bottleneck in your biz…

Systems and innovation for long term success…

Roy Meyer Icons

We recently had the pleasure to work with Roy to help scale our software company. With Roy’s help we were able to build an amazing virtual team, increase our revenue by over 600%, and at the same time drastically reduce our work hours allowing us to spend much more time with our families. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Roy in any manner, especially if you’re looking to create a vision for your business, a plan to get there, and create an amazing virtual team to make it all happen, I highly encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity. I’m so incredibly thankful that we did.

-Brandon Reich, CEO of Choice Valuation

Four Stages of Business

1. Frenzy Stage

Also known as the “Zone of Incompetence.” No vision, unsure what to focus on, overworked, limited income, poor systems, no team, no work/life balance.


2. Focus Stage

Also known as the “Zone of Competency.” Semi-clear vision but no plan, overworked, inconsistent income, limited team, limited systems, no work/life balance.


3. Flow Stage

Also known as the “Zone of Excellence.” Clear vision and plan to get there, moderate work hours, consistent income, good team, good systems, work/life balance.


4. Freedom Stage

Also known as the “Zone of Genius.” Vision complete, limited work hours, unlimited income, solid team and systems, focus on highest ROI activities, freedom lifestyle.

What stage is your business in?


Roy believes in a lifestyle-first approach and helps you to structure and scale your business in a way that supports you living your dream lifestyle vs. building a business that you have to cram a lifestyle around.

Roy is a highly sought-after business advisor with over 35 yrs.’ experience in business development, consulting, real estate, marketing, building high level virtual teams, and he has a proven track record of success helping clients around the globe scale highly successful and lucrative businesses.


Roy speaks internationally on cutting-edge business development strategies for individuals and businesses both big and small and is a contributor for several national publications and online education providers. In addition, Roy has spoken and taught at one of the top business schools in India and he continues to speak and teach at several different colleges in the Philippines.

One of the keys to achieving lifestyle freedom and massive success in your business is learning how to maximize and leverage your time, people, and other resources and Roy is a master at providing guidance in these areas.

If you’re looking to eliminate uncertainty, predict future profits, scale your business faster than you thought possible, and spend more time doing the things you love, Roy’s programs and frameworks are structured to help take the work out of work and help you focus on the right strategies, opportunities, and virtual team to generate the most profit for your business and greatest return for your time.

You working harder is NOT the answer to achieving your goals and in fact, the exact opposite is true!

You need to stop being the CEO (Chief Everything Officer), remove yourself as the bottleneck, and stop acting like an employee in your own business. Roy teaches you how to improve systems and leverage virtual teams to drive your business forward so you can focus on growing your business and shift your time towards thinking and acting at a higher, more strategic, and efficient level in your business.

Roy’s programs are built to help open your mind to new ideas, help clarify your vision, help you to create your own success roadmap with proven frameworks, help significantly increase the value of your time by increasing your income and reducing your work hours, and push you to invest in yourself and take massive action to help achieve the type of business and lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.

Note, Roy doesn’t teach theory as everything he shares; he’s successfully done in his own businesses as well as those of his clients. He uses a no BS approach and measures his own success by the success of his clients.

Roy’s commitment to you is to bring you the very best of what he’s living and learning, keep it real and honest as he goes, help you get real results, and have fun while you’re doing it!

Roy is also one of the very few coaches who actually lives what he teaches as he, his wife, and their two children have been living their own dream lifestyle by traveling the world full time since 2017 all while his businesses continue to grow which he manages remotely with the help of his virtual teams from five different countries.

Roy pours as much passion into his businesses as he does into his faith, family, and friends. He draws much of what he does in business from his life outside of business. He knows how to manage risk, inspire others to achieve, and find new and unique ways to create spiritual flow in his life and the lives of others as well.

Roy also gives back both locally and abroad by donating his time and money to several causes near and dear to his heart.

“It’s refreshing to receive a return that substantially surpasses your investment. Roy is an abnormality that's figured it out and is willing to share his success. He gives you ALL the tools needed to be successful and personally invests himself in your success like that of a teacher who believed you had what it took to be successful.”
Michael Tidwell
Advisory Director - Cushman Wakefield



As Tony Robbins says, “The secret to living is giving.” Our mission is to contribute and make as big an impact as possible in this world which is why we continue to allocate a percentage of all our profits in giving back especially to impoverished children around the world.

In addition, I hope to use my influence to bring awareness to these issues, and more importantly, get help from others to make an even greater impact than I could ever make on my own. Giving back also leads to a lasting level of personal joy and fulfillment that little if anything else can match.